How To Prepare for the Wedding


To ensure the best wedding day makeup application, locking down a good skin care routine is key. This does not necessarily mean spending big bucks on top grade skincare products – this simply means figure out a routine that works the best for you and your skin! Once a system is in place, stick to it… your skin will thank you. 
  • Faux Tans: Tanning can be a girl’s best friend. However, depending on the product you use, the salon you choose, or the professional you trust… it can be either amazing or disastrous. Reach out to a salon of choice a few months in advance and get a practice tan. This way you can learn what kind of tan suits you the best, and how your skin reacts and holds the color. If you choose to go with a spray tan, give yourself enough time before the actual wedding date to wash the excess tanner from your skin. 
  • Facial Treatments: Just like a good tan, facials are amazing. However, during the post facial period, your skin will undoubtedly react. Depending on skin type and the treatment received, skin has the possibility of becoming red, irritated, textured, or even begin to peel or break out. Same rule of thumb applies to facial treatments as it does to tans: schedule a practice treatment in advance to see how your skin reacts! The last thing a bride wants to deal with is a bad skin reaction from a facial prior to her wedding.
  • Hair Removal: One of the most popular and quickest ways of removing hair is waxing. Regardless of its popularity, waxing is not wise before applying makeup, especially on a day like your wedding. DO NOT wax any area that makeup will be applied. Waxed areas of skin repel all cosmetic products. For example, if the eyebrows were waxing prior to the makeup application, makeup will not stick to the skin around the brows. If hair removal is needed, threading, tweezing and shaving are the most makeup-friendly methods.
  • The Night Before: At bedtime the night before your wedding, make sure to remove all of your makeup, cleanse your skin, and apply your best moisturizers. After removing all makeup, cleanse with your favorite skin cleanser and follow up with moisturizer. If available, apply eye cream and lip conditioner. This also would be a good time to pluck any unwanted hairs around your brows, upper lip and chin. Finally, get some rest!
  • The Morning of: After a decent sized cup of coffee, tea or OJ + champagne (whichever floats your bridal boat), get that skin ready for the day ahead. Cleanse with your favorite cleanser and exfoliate. Exfoliating in the morning removes all dead skin cells and polishes the skin to perfection for the makeup application. This will allow the makeup to set onto the skin perfectly and smoothly. After exfoliating, apply your favorite moisturizer and eye cream.
This may seem like a lot of rules for makeup, however it will be that little extra step that makes all the difference. Also these are good habits to learn for youthful, healthy skin. 


It’s a popular trend right now: leave your hair dirty as possible and go as long as possible without washing it. It is true – this creates visible volume in your hair, and allows you to produce natural oils to deeply condition and strengthen the hair proteins. However, on a day like your wedding day, your hair deserves a good scrub. 

  • Wash your hair! Clean, or almost clean hair is the best on your wedding day. Get rid of all the excess product and oil build up, and start fresh. We recommend washing your hair either before bed the night before the wedding, or on the morning of the wedding. Please note, we style on 90% dry or totally dry hair only. Give your hair a good rough blow-dry after the shower.
  • Extensions. Our fave place to buy extensions is no other than Sally Beauty Supply. Pick out a real hair clip-in bundle of your choice and leave with it the same day. Always buy your extensions BEFORE the trial so we can see what your style will look like with the added hair.